Richard Pryor’s Daughter Defends His Legacy, Says Quincy Jones Is ‘Losing His Mind’

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Richard Pryor's Daughter Defends His Legacy, Says Quincy Jones Is 'Losing His Mind'
Richard Pryor's Daughter Defends His Legacy, Says Quincy Jones Is 'Losing His Mind'


Quincy Jones‘ recent interview with Vulture is still being discussed, with his mentioning of Marlon Brando‘s alleged affairs with Richard Pryor and James Baldwin arguably the most talked about revelation from the conversation.

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Well, Pryor’s daughter, Rain, isn’t happy with Jones following the interview, taking to Facebook to write a lengthy post against the Thriller producer.

“All you who touted Faux News and preach about wanting blacks to be represented in a great light and then posted Q’s interview are irrelevant and full of your own BS,” Rain wrote. “Q, was once a brilliant music producer who is losing his mind, and decided to garner publicity for himself with a sensationalized interview; and because y’all think and equate Fame and Money with decency, you ate it up like thirsty dogs, as he spewed out a lie about my father who’s not here to defend himself.”

Rain isn’t the only one displeased with Jones. T-Pain has also spoken out against Jones, after the latter specifically called him out for his cover of “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” on Jones’ last album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.

“I was not in favor of doing it, but the rappers wanted to record something as a tribute to me, where they’d do versions of songs that I’d done over my career,” Jones said. “I said to them, ‘Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals.’ That didn’t happen. T-Pain, man, he didn’t pay attention to the details.”

“For the record I told my managers (at the time) and I told Quincy Jones in his face ‘I don’t want to remake any of your past records because I know I’m gonna fuck it up. I’ll never be able to reach the greatest of MJ.’ It took them hours to pump me up to even go in the booth and I still hated it when I came out of the booth,” T-Pain responded via Twitter.

“But also to be real. It just seems like Quincy Jones is pissed off at the whole world,” the artist continued. “I have nothing but respect for the guy so I don’t know why we didn’t hold the song or tell me exactly what he wanted when I kept taking the headphones off begging for direction from the God.”

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