A 'The Sopranos' Film is Currently in Development

A 'The Sopranos' Film is Currently in Development

A 'The Sopranos' Prequel is Coming to Theaters

Source: HBO

We’re going back to New Jersey

The Sopranos, one of the of the greatest shows of all time, aired its final show more than 11 years ago.

It’s time to go back into that world.

David Chase, the creator ofThe Sopranos, is working on a prequel to the iconic HBO show.

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Except, it won’t be a show. It’s going to be a movie. According to Deadline, New Line Cinema purchased the screenplay for the project, which is titled The Many Saints of Newark.

The movie will take place in Newark in the 1960s; the story will be centered around the Newark riots and the racial tension felt in that city.

Chase worked on the screenplay with Lawrence Konner,  a regular writer for The Sopranos.

This is all dandy and everything, but it still doesn’t address one issue: we still won’t know what really happens to Tony.

Source: Deadline 


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