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Racist Flyers Calling Black People ‘Stupid Monkeys’ Found On University Of South Carolina Campus

Racist Flyers Calling Black People ‘Stupid Monkeys’ Found On University Of South Carolina Campus

Racist Flyers Calling Black People 'Stupid Monkeys' Found On University Of South Carolina Campus
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The University of South Carolina is currently investigating an incident in which two racist signs were found on a campus bulletin board Tuesday morning.

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Covering a display of photos of historically important black people from South Carolina, the racist signs referenced “you stupid monkey” and other offensive terms, while also blaming black people for Donald Trump‘s presidential win.

“All this bullshit about a ‘King’ when you [unclear] simpletons can’t even pick a candidate properly,” one of the signs reads, according to a report from the Post and Courier. “YOU STUPID MONKEYS handed Trump the White House the minute you handed Hillary the nomination!”

“We’ve endured a year of Blumpf instead of enjoying one of Bernie because your DUMB BLACK ASSES just pull the lever for whomever the party machine says to,” the other sign read, which seemed to take issue with black voters voting for Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders.

Senior journalism student Leland Williams Jr. posted a picture of the signs on Instagram and Facebook, but initially found out about the signs through a group text message on GroupMe that includes many members of minority student organizations at the university.

“It kind of feels like USC doesn’t care about us, honestly,” Williams said. “It keeps happening in these small little instances, and it’s turning into something like this — we’re being called monkeys.”

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Following the incident, a university spokesman released the following statement:

“This morning, flyers bearing racist language were discovered in several buildings on campus. This is unacceptable and inconsistent with our institutional values. At UofSC, we strive to create a campus built on the tenets of the Carolinian Creed, inclusivity and respect for all. These racist messages run contrary to who we are as Gamecocks and have no place at Carolina. University officials are continuing to investigate the matter.”

In a later statement the spokesman revealed that a white male who appeared to be in his mid-40s was in the area at the time the flyers were discovered. However, it is unknown if the man has any ties to the university or not.

Source: Post And Courier


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