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Someone on TikTok is Selling a "Pink Sauce" That is Making Everyone's Stomach Turn

Made by Chef Pii, a Miami private chef, TikTok-famous condiment Pink Sauce has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons.

TikTok-famous food craze Pink Sauce has become the internet's most questionable condiment. After TikToker Anna Reports News dedicated four clips with a list of concerns about the brand, social media took notice, offering their own reactions to the colorful sauce.

Made by Chef Pii, a self-proclaimed private and celebrity chef who goes by The Flavor Genie on Instagram, the condiment currently sells for $20 online. Made with sunflower seed oil, dragon fruit, chili, honey and garlic, Pii has recorded herself pouring the concoction on burgers and tacos while giving vague descriptions of the condiment's taste including, “It’s sweet, savory, seasoned;” and, “It has its own taste, if you wanna taste it, buy it."

On Wednesday (June 21), Twitter users openly vented their concerns about the sauce, some confessing that the bottle arrived destroyed after it began shipping on July 1, only to arrive two-and-a-half weeks later. Made from Chef Pii's kitchen, nutritional facts and ingredients on the bottle were also misspelled, some labels even claiming that "444" servings of the sauce were inside. Since there are also no preservatives and the product arrives unrefrigerated, some buyers have been exposed to illness.

Chef Pii has since responded, pleading for naysayers to be patient and reminding followers that "this is a small business." She added that while the sauce isn't FDA-approved, her formula is "in the labs" and the price of the sauce will be reduced in the future.

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