Pharrell and Jimmy Fallon Talk Misconceptions About Race and COVID-19

The two also spoke about the pandemic's effect on his Something in the Water Festival.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already wreaked havoc on the upcoming festival circuit. Pharrell Williams is someone who knows this all too well. He and a laundry list of guests were gearing up for the return of his Something in the Water Festival to Virginia Beach. The festival would be taking place just over a week from today from April 24-26th.

Pharrell joined Jimmy Fallon on a video call to discuss the pandemic's effect on the city. He also addressed narratives surrounding the spread of the virus. View the full conversation above.

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"I just think there's this narrative that people who look like me--brown and Black folks--that we don't know how to take care of ourselves," Pharrell said. "We're twice as likely to get asthma and all these crazy things. It's not that. It's just that the healthcare is disproportionate, and you're seeing the effects of that right now in the ways that this thing is spreading."

In the early weeks of the outbreak, many falsely believed Black people were immune to the virus. Pharrell spoke about the overwhelming inequalities within the American healthcare system at large.

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"There's historical injustices [within] healthcare with people of color," he continued. "Those things systemically contribute to disproportionate access. But this is definitely affecting people of color in a different kind of way. We're human beings. If we were to be treated like that from the very beginning, we wouldn't have disproportionate problems, but we do."