Paris Jackson Blasts TMZ, Denies Claims of Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson Blasts TMZ, Denies Claims of Suicide Attempt


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another dec throwback.. missing the vortex that is j tree and my brother @taliarosequartz

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“fuck you you fucking liars”

In yet another case of fast and dangerously irresponsible TMZ reporting, Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has had to debunk her own suicide attempt.

Earlier today, the tabloid blog incorrectly reported (*gasp*) that Jackson had been hospitalized after slitting her wrists in direct response to the Leaving Neverland documentary; a claim Jackson had to personally correct:

Though it’s far from the first test of the publication’s integrity (or general usefulness) — often opting for quick, unverified leads over reputable, or at least citable, sources — that they were able to isolate the precise cause of the alleged attempt in a flash report, should have been enough to raise some level of skepticism.

Since the documentary’s premiere, Jackson has stood with her father’s estate in maintaining his innocence. In other parts of the industry, the response has been less supportive. Radio stations in Canada and New Zealand have pulled Jackson’s music from their catalogs, while Drake has reportedly removed a song from his setlist that featured the late King of Pop.

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