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Nicki Minaj's Barbz Are Being Sued For Harassment By A Popular YouTuber

For Harriet YouTuber Kimberly Nicole Foster recently spoke with The Daily Beast about plans to sue select Nicki Minaj fans.

Harvard graduate and For Harriet creator Kimberly Nicole Foster plans to let a lawsuit do the talking against rabid Nicki Minaj fans. The YouTuber recently spoke with The Daily Beast about being doxxed and harassed by the "Barbz" last week after tweeting about the "Super Freaky Girl" rapper.

After making the initial tweet, Foster said she initially shrugged off responses from avid Minaj fans until their tweets became dark, with some threatening rape and kidnapping.

“It was normal, annoying stuff where I was like, ‘OK, block and move on,’” she said. “The messages became more threatening and dark, and then it started to be, ‘We’re gonna find you. I’m gonna kidnap you, I hope you get raped.”

Later, tweets from the Barbz became aimed at Foster's two minor nieces, who Foster was supposed to accompany for a "Grandfriends Day" event at their school.

“Someone sent me screenshots about, ‘I’m gonna find the kids’ address,’ and, ‘I don’t care,’ and, ‘They’ll be collateral damage,’” Foster said.

Minaj seemingly encouraged her fans behavior, even liking their tweets about Foster's physical appearance. Foster said that Minaj's dedicated fans will go to any length to get her attention, even if that means harassing critics like Foster.

“There’s an understanding among the Barbz that the harder they go for her — the more virulent the nastiness — there’s more of an opportunity for her to recognize them,” Foster said.

Foster has since gathered information on her harassers over the past week and plans to file a lawsuit against them, with The Daily Beast reporting that Foster "has already filed a report with her local police department and submitted a tip to the FBI," along with screenshots of the threats some Minaj fans sent her. The report also noted that Foster is still gathering evidence to build her case, including phone numbers, Twitter handles, and IP addresses, and that Minaj will not be mentioned in the suit.