MF DOOM Goes On A 'Special Herb Adventure' In Fan Made GameBoy Game
MF DOOM Goes On A 'Special Herb Adventure' In Fan Made GameBoy Game
Screengrab via @chafomon/Twitter

MF DOOM Goes On A 'Special Herb Adventure' In Fan Made GameBoy Game

The creator shared video clips from a prototype of the MF DOOM game on Twitter amid the rapper's passing last year.

Amid the passing of MF DOOM, fans have shared touching written tributes, freestyles, and art honoring one of hip-hop's most talented MCs. Now, DOOM has been immortalized with his own video game.

On January 1, Twitter user @chafomon shared clips from a DOOM-inspired video game he was working on titled MF DOOM: Special Herb Adventure.

"Some of you may remember me working on an unofficial DOOM GameBoy game earlier this year. I'd ended up scrapping the idea due to the obvious licensing issues I would have encountered, but now is probably as good of a time as ever to share the bit of prototype I did get done...," the fan wrote alongside a clip that shows DOOM venturing through his home. The game is reminiscent of the GameBoy Pokemon games from the '90s, as DOOM picks up items like blunts and disks from his MPC, and offers dialogue in the form of some of his most quotable lines.

"The graphics were mainly all drawn by me, but I did lift and modify some items from a few other GB RPG games (such as Pokemon). I never got around to making any sound for it either. I probably should have added a voice over here, but I'm not my most upbeat with DOOM having passed," Chafomon said in another tweet, with a second clip showing DOOM walking through his neighborhood and visiting the local record store, New Groove Records. And yes, that is Quasimoto spinning on the record store's rooftop.

DOOM passed away at the age of 49 on October 31, 2020.