Method Man Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
Method Man Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
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Method Man Says This Fellow Wu-Tang Member is "Top Five Dead or Alive"

Meth talked Wu-Tang lore with MC Serch on the Serch Says podcast.

Method Man recently joined former 3rd Bass member MC Serch's Serch Says podcast. The two discussed coming up in New York, how they met their wives, and more. Stream the full interview above.

The two traded stories while listening to old Wu-Tang tracks. About 27 minutes into the interview, Serch played the group's breakout single "Protect Ya Neck." The song choice led to a discussion about Inspectah Deck's place in the hip-hop canon.

"To me, Inspectah Deck is one of the most underrated MCs of all time," Serch said. He posed the question of whether this status has to do with his low-key nature. Method Man pointed to the pre-music video era, where listeners had to focus strictly on the lyrics, as opposed to an artist's image.

"If Deck came in that era," Meth said, "he would've blew up much more than what he did. Interview-wise, he chose to step back and let other brothers do the talking."

Method Man took it a step further, noting Deck's impact within the group itself. "When you think of Wu-Tang," he said, "his name doesn't come up first. But when you think of iconic verses, his name's coming up first. When you think of Wu-Tang's catalog, his name is coming up first, second, or third."

After explaining how Cappadonna is also underrated in public opinion, Meth turned the evening into Inspectah Deck Appreciation Hour.

"This is fucked up to say in a way," he concluded. "I don't think they gonna appreciate Deck until [he's] gone. They're going to be like 'why didn't we give this nigga his roses?' So I'm giving him his roses now. Deck--top five, dead or alive."

When Serch asked who else filled out his Top 5, Meth was undeterred. "Deck, Deck, Deck, Deck, fucking Deck," he replied. "All Inspectah Deck."