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Declaime madlib med
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Madlib and Declaime Are Releasing A Lost Album From the 90s

Madlib and Dudley "Declaime" Perkins announced the album with a new single.

On Thursday, Madlib and Dudley "Declaime" Perkins released "All Over the World," a previously-unreleased single featuring MED. The track was recorded between 1994 and 1995, and will be featured on an upcoming compilation titled In the Beginning (Vol. 1), pulling together songs that previously only existed on mixtapes, B-sides, or were never released at all. Find "All Over the World" on Soundcloud or stream the track below.

"We recorded this track around '94-95," Declaime said. "Me and MED would hustle most of the day, then hit the studio with Otis [Madlib] and try and record on anything boomin’. We wrote these verses together with Madlib at the Crate Diggas Station."

The two go way back, originally meeting in their hometown of Oxnard, California as children, but lost touch with each other shortly afterwards. The two have collaborated on 1999's Illmindmuzik, 2001's Andsoitisaid, and 2003's A Lil' Light. In 2012, the two reunited for Expressions. The album will be Declaime's first release since 2017's Young Spirit.

"I first met Madlib when he moved across the street from me," Declaime said. "I was around nine years old at the time. His pops knew my pops. Madlib was on that musical genius stuff way back then. He used to give me live beat cassettes he made himself along with his sister Stacey rapping. We both moved and lost contact."

The project is due out July 2nd via SomeOthaShip and Fat Beats Records. Declaime spoke on honoring Madlib's legacy with the release of material at the beginning of his musical journey.

"I'm giving Otis Jackson his flowers now through this music we constructed as hungry young dudes," Declaime continued. "The Beat Konducta Sensei and the Poet Past The Weak will always be part of Oxnard’s musical history!"