Loon Reunites With Diddy: “After All That We’ve Been Through The Love Cannot Be Denied”

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Loon Reunites With Diddy: "After All That We’ve Been Through The Love Cannot Be Denied"
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Loon shared photos of him reuniting with Diddy on Instagram this weekend.

Following his release from prison, Loon has reunited with Diddy.

The former Bad Boy rapper shared photos of him and Diddy meeting up over the weekend on Instagram.

“Everything is not what it seems. After all that we’ve been through the love cannot be denied,” he wrote in the caption for the post. “We’ve travelled the world together, made millions together and at times we may not have always agreed, but by Allah, if I hadn’t experienced the things that we went through, I wouldn’t have become the man that I am today!”

Previously, Loon had spoken on his relationship with Diddy during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he assured listeners that there was no animosity between he and his former label boss, despite their relationship deteriorating over the years.

“My relationship with Puff, we had great fun and we got along swell,” he said. “But then some of the hiccups would come down to business. Especially business that’s already mandated and confirmed.” In that same interview, he welcomed the chance to repair that relationship, and said he has received messages from Diddy since his release.

Prior to them reuniting, Diddy had received some backlash on social media after commenting on an Instagram post regarding Loon’s release.

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