Sunday service 2
Sunday service 2
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Kanye West Doubles Down on Support for GOP: "I Ain’t Never Made a Decision Only Based on My Color, That’s a Form of Slavery"

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Kanye West reiterated his support for the Republican Party at Sunday Service in Salt Lake City.

With the public still awaiting the release of Jesus Is King, Kanye West is still preaching his brand of the misguided gospel. At the latest Sunday Service concert in Salt Lake City, West delivered yet another screed about the Republican Party and its past relationship with African-Americans.

"Abraham Lincoln was the Whig Party—that's the Republican Party that freed the slaves," he said. "[...] I ain’t never make a decision based only on my color. That’s a form of slavery — mental slavery."

Reporter Hunter Schwarz tweeted clips from the concert, which included an impassioned West speaking on topics ranging from social media discourse to mass incarceration.

"Right now, there [are] people on social media complaining about who's saying what on a record," West proclaimed to gradual applause, "or who's doing what in the NBA or the NFL and there's one in three African-Americans in jail in this country."

Jesus Is King has no official release date, but IMAX is expected to release its companion documentary on Oct. 25.

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