Kanye's Campaign Adviser Helped Far-Right Nationalists Get Elected in Sweden
Kanye's Campaign Adviser Helped Far-Right Nationalists Get Elected in Sweden
Source: Youtube/The Sun

Kanye West's Senior Campaign Adviser is a Far-Right Political Strategist

Kanye has already paid $1.3 million to a firm that aided the election of far-right nationalists in Sweden.

In pursuit of the nation's highest office, Kanye West is employing a firm that effectively taught white nationalist how to get elected in Sweden.

According to a report from VICE, the firm of West's senior campaign adviser, Gregg Keller, was integral to mainstreaming the Scandinavian country's growing far-right faction, which is deceptively named Sweden Democrats. Keller's coaching has secured parliamentary positions for several of the party's leading figures, including Tobias Andersson, a rising star in Sweden's far-right movement. Keller and Andersson met through The Leadership Institute, an American organization that trains conservative youth activists and aspiring candidates. The organization also develops programs for conservative parties abroad, seeding the normalization of inherently racist platforms in countries with fledgling conservative movements. Over the last few months, Keller's Missouri-based firm, Atlas Strategic Group, has taken in $1.3 million from the struggling West campaign, accounting for roughly a quarter of the campaign's total spending in July and August ($5.8 million.)

But it's unclear whether Atlas is actually helping to legitimize or further West's candidacy, which is reportedly designed to siphon votes from former vice president, Joe Biden, but runs on a platform that appeals almost solely to Trump's base. To date, West has missed filing deadlines in 25 states, including the majority of highly-competitive battleground states. As of now, West will only appear on ballots in Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, Vermont, and Oklahoma, with applications pending in Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa and Tennessee, according to The Hill.

As it stands, it is mathematically impossible for West to garner the 270 electoral college votes needed to secure the presidency. And his first campaign rally, seeped in anti-vax, anti-choice, and frankly, anti-intellectual rhetoric, isn't helping his cause. With just two months to go before the election, it's hard to imagine how he'll pull this off or whether he'd ever actually intended to in the first place.