Jared-Leto-Felt-Alienated-By-Joaquin Phoenixs-Joker
Jared-Leto-Felt-Alienated-By-Joaquin Phoenixs-Joker
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Jared Leto Reportedly Felt "Alienated & Upset" By Joaquin Phoenix' "Joker" Movie

Jared-Leto-Felt-Alienated-By-Joaquin Phoenixs-Joker Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. chose to cast Joaquin Phoenix after disappointing reviews of Leto's performance in Suicide Squad.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Jared Leto, who previously starred as the villain in 2016's Suicide Squad, felt "alienated and upset" by the new movie's casting. Suicide Squad received a 27% score from Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer with a 59% audience score.

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The full report is an investigation of Martin Scorsese's influence on the new film. Scorsese, who received backlash last week after expressing his distaste for the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, reportedly saw cinematic potential in the DC universe.

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According to the report (which originally featured in THR's Oct. 9 magazine issue, Scorsese's representative told THR reporter Tatiana Siegel that the director "considered producing" the new film but eventually declined to shift his focus to The Irishman, leaving the production duties to his producing partner Emma Tillinger Koskoff.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter