Ja Rule Still Wants to Do A Verzuz Battle With 50 Cent

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Ja Rule is ready and willing, but doesn’t believe it will happen.

The Verzuz battle series has given hip-hop and R&B fans something to look forward to since the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the live music industry. The series has been so popular, it’s done the (seemingly) impossible: unite artists like Jeezy and Gucci Mane, who’ve held ill will towards each other for over a decade. On Monday, Ja Rule expressed his desire to do the same.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Ja was asked what it would take to get him in the Verzuz arena.

“A phone call, man,” he replied. “That’s it.”

While all parties agreed it would make the most sense, they admitted a battle with 50 Cent probably won’t happen.

“That ain’t gonna happen,” he continued, obviously amused. “Everybody don’t want this smoke. I got heat! When I do my shows, it’s like an hour of straight hit records. No filler.”

When asked about other potential opponents, Ja said he’d like to go up against someone he could have fun with. “Me and Fat Joe talked about it,” he revealed, “but I don’t think he wants to do Verzuz at all. If I don’t got the right opponent, it’s not gonna be fun either.”

Despite the history between he and 50, if it were to happen, don’t expect any fireworks from Ja’s side of the room.

“I’m too old to be in a Verzuz beef,” he said. “I’m 44, dog. Just get a boxing ring, get in there and do that.”

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