Revolt x att host revolt 3 day summit in los angeles day 2 4
Revolt x att host revolt 3 day summit in los angeles day 2 4
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It Seems Like SZA is Going Through It With Her Label Again

SZA vented her frustrations with her record deal on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Top Dawg Entertainment/RCA Records singer SZA took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. A fan page recently pointed out that her latest single, "Good Day," fell out of the Billboard Hot 100 after 20 consecutive weeks on the singles chart. "I really hate my label," she replied to the post. "So much." The tweet blew up quickly, with many fans assuming the comments were directed at TDE president Terrence "Punch" Henderson. SZA's frustrations with Henderson last summer led fans to start the #FreeSZA hashtag.

"I be in the comments of my supporters pages thinking I'm talking freely to four people," she wrote Wednesday afternoon. "I'm not, woops."

This time around, SZA clarified that she wasn't speaking about TDE staff. "Punch is my manager, not a machine or label," she explained. "Also been like my stage dad the last 10 years. Be nice to him [please]. He really fights for me. Not angry [with] him. Or anybody really. Just my own choices...Y'all just always assume he's the man behind the curtain," she replied to a fan. "I gotta start saying 'but not Punch [and them]."

In response, fans took the opportunity to ask if Punch was the reason that SZA hadn't released an anticipated track titled "Shirt" yet. "Now that needs to happen," she replied. "[That] also isn't on him."

SZA's troubles with her label have been well-documented. In August, a fan asked if her relationship with her label is "adverse or hostile." "BEEN hostile," she replied.