Ja Rule is Not a Fan of Those Fyre Festival Documentaries
Ja Rule is Not a Fan of Those Fyre Festival Documentaries
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Ja Rule Is Now Promoting An App Strikingly Similar To The Fyre App

Ja Rule is Not a Fan of Those Fyre Festival Documentaries

The app is called ICONN and features artists like Childish Gambino, Cardi B and other talent for booking.

Now that the basklash surrounding Fyre Festival has quieted following the release of two documentaries focused on the failed event last month, it seems that Ja Rule is back to work on app strikingly similar to the Fyre app.

READ: Ja Rule Is Not A Fan Of Those Fyre Festival Documentaries

Ja Rule, who was one of the co-founder of Fyre Festival, is now promoting an app called ICONN, which aims " to revolutionize the way entertainers are presented, interacted with and booked."

For those that watched either the Netflix or Hulu Fyre documentaries, before there was the Fyre Festival there was the Fyre app. The app was made with the same purpose as Ja Rule's ICONN and the Fyre Festival was supposed to promote that app. However, that didn't end up happening, with the festival being a failure and landing Billy McFarland, the organizer of Fyre Festival, in prison for six years.

Still, Ja Rule, who has denied liability involving the festival fiasco, is promoting ICONN, having tweeted the following on Monday.

A viewing of the rapper's own personal page finds that he has been partially booked for some dates in February, as well as some in March. A viewing of the app's talent page finds that everyone from Childish Gambino and Migos to Cardi B and Big Boi are available for booking. Recently added to the roster was DMX, who was just released from prison.

Since promoting the app, a handful of people have replied to the post with jokes referencing Fyre Festival.