A Sequel to the Stoner Classic 'How High' is in the Works

A Sequel to the Stoner Classic 'How High' is in the Works

‘How High’ Movie Sequel Ordered By MTV

Source: Universal Pictures

The stoner classic is getting a sequel

It’s been 17 years since How High was released. We are finally getting the sequel we all deserve.

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According to Deadline, MTV is teaming up with Universal 1440 Entertainment for How High 2. Unlike the original, the How High sequel will not have a theatrical run. The movie will be written by Artie Johann and Shawn Ries, who both worked on Family Guy.

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According to Deadline, the movie will be about of two stoners in Atlanta who uncover a government conspiracy while searching for their lost weed. The best part about it: Method Man and Redman will be back to play their roles again.

Source: Deadline

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