“We Not Doing That”: Ebro Discusses Not Helping Kanye West With Kaepernick And Trump Meeting

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"We Not Doing That": Ebro Discusses Not Helping Kanye West With Kaepernick And Trump Meeting

Source: TMZ

Kanye isn’t getting any help from the Hot 97 host on this one.

Kanye West recently voiced his desire to have Colin Kaepernick go to the White House to talk with Donald Trump, and even asked Ebro for help in making it happen.

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However, the Hot 97 host wasn’t down with West’s proposal. After the rapper’s team clarified that they wanted Kaepernick and not Ebro involved with the plan, the radio personality refused to help them.

“Yeah nah, we not doing that…it’s a we. When it comes to Colin Kaepernick, it’s a we. There are people standing with Colin Kaepernick around him, rallying around him,” Ebro said.

During the two’s conversation, West then told Ebro that the meeting could serve as the start for a dialogue between Kaepernick and Trump, to which Ebro asked “What would be in it for Colin Kaepernick for going to go up to the White House?”

Ebro suggested that instead of a meeting the following should happen:

“The only thing that needs to happen first, Donald Trump should come out and apologize to Colin Kaepernick for trying to come for his job. Then maybe he should probably come out and admit that in policing there is a cultural issue and black and brown men have been dying. And then he should probably apologize for coming after Nike for standing next to Colin Kaepernick.”

The conversation between Ebro and West ended when the latter tried to get him to talk to his father. The ye rapper then hung up the phone.

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