93 5 kday presents 2019 krush groove concert
93 5 kday presents 2019 krush groove concert
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DJ Quik Burns Royalty Checks, Demands "Credits" From Kendrick Lamar, Nelly, and More

DJ Quik expressed his frustrations in a recent Instagram Live session.

Earlier this week, critically-acclaimed Los Angeles producer/MC DJ Quikturned heads during a heated Instagram Live session. In the broadcast, Quik burned what seems to be a royalty check from Death Row Records, demanding his "credit" for his contributions to multiple hit records.

"I'm real offended by this Death Row check and this amount," he said, while burning the check. "I feel the respect factor is crazy. There is none. So to show you how much your money means to me, Mr. Death Row Records — all the Tupac stuff I did, help with Tha Dogg Pound project. Devil, you are a b----. I want my real money and I want all my credits for everything that I did in this industry."

Quik didn't stop there, naming multiple hit records that he alleges he had a hand in creating.

“R. Kelly ‘Home Alone,’ that’s 100 percent all of my drum sounds, my music, and me playing percussion,” he said. “I want that too. All Eyez On Me, it’s my credit, I want that. ‘In Da Club,’ ‘If I Can’t,’ I helped with those records by 50 Cent. I want that too. I want all my credits. I’m starting to get to a point where I’m impatient and I feel disrespected. I’m not going to be the underdog of this music industry anymore. I am to be respected as a king and a lord that I am, a God when it comes to production. I need all of my fucking credits.”

Quik was briefly affiliated with former Death Row CEO Suge Knight, after signing to his label Funky Enough Records in 1988. Five years later, the two began working together again, although it was again for just a brief period of time. During their time together, Quik produced a great deal of records for artists like Tupac, 2nd II None, and Snoop Dogg.

Stay tuned for further updates on the situation.