DJ Akademiks posing for a photo
DJ Akademiks posing for a photo
Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images.

DJ Akademiks Signs On to Right-Wing Platform Rumble

Former Twitch influencer and music industry pundit DJ Akademiks has signed to an exclusive live streaming deal with Rumble.

DJ Akademiks is officially a new member of the right-wing video-sharing platform, Rumble. The music industry talking head, who recently earned a spot on Complex’s "Hip-Hop Media Power Ranking," says he’ll be bringing “satirical takes on top headlines” to Rumble, as part of the company’s “creator first” strategy.

“I look forward to being one of the first to bring music and cultural conversations to a platform like Rumble,” said DJ Akademiks. “There have been many bad decisions at larger platforms where they haven’t put creators first and they are disconnected to the community. I feel now is an inflection point for streaming platforms. I couldn’t be more excited to lead this effort on a platform that puts creators first.”

Chris Pavlovski, Rumble chairman and CEO, supported Akademiks, legal name Livingston Allen, declaring that the collaboration makes a “statement” to other platforms about their seriousness of producing content.

“Akademiks is one of the most influential personalities in the hip-hop and cultural world,” said Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski. “Having him on Rumble sends a big statement to the other platforms on how serious we are in getting into different channels of content, from sports to music to culture.”

Last week, Allen was banned from Twitch although his channel had 500,000 followers. Although the video company didn’t announce a specific reason for Allen’s banning, some fans alleged that a recent rant against John Legend and Chrissy Teigen was the cause.

Fans of Allen can log onto Rumble on Tuesday (April 11) at 6 p.m. EST for his Rumble introduction.