Dapper Dan is Opening Up a Gucci Boutique in the Heart of Harlem

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Dapper Dan is Opening Up a Boutique in Harlem

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Dapper Dan is back

After years of being adversaries, Dapper Dan and Gucci have made up. And now they are business partners.

Dapper Dan and Gucci have teamed up to open a new boutique in Harlem. The items the boutique will be selling include made-to-order garments as well as customizable items.

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Dapper Dan officially made the announcement on his social media accounts, writing “A sign of the times. For the 1st time in history, a major luxury brand store has opened in Harlem:”

It’s cool to see Dapper Dan open up a shop in Harlem again. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Dan had a shop on 125 street. He was the most famous and influential bootlegger. He famously incorporated high-end logos onto clothes and into car interiors, working with everyone from LL Cool J to Mike Tyson to Bobby Brown.

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He eventually closed his shop in 1992 after years of legal pressure from high-end brands like Fendi and Gucci.

Last year, Dapper Dan was put back into the limelight after it was clear that Gucci took a Dapper Dan design for one of its 2017 pieces. Gucci and Dan eventually pieced it up and now here we are.

There’s an official Dapper Dan-run Gucci shop in the heart of Harlem.

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