Watch the Second Trailer for 'Creed 2'
Watch the Second Trailer for 'Creed 2'

Watch Adonis Face off with Ivan Drago’s Son in the New 'Creed II' Trailer

Watch the Second Trailer for 'Creed 2'

Creed II hits theaters on November 21st

We are two months away from the release of one of the most highly anticipated sequels of the year: Creed II.

On Wednesday, September 26th, the latest trailer for the upcoming movie was released. Michael B. Jordan, who plays the title role of Adonis Creed, tweeted out the trailer.

WATCH: Michael B. Jordan Returns To Fighting Form In ‘Creed II’ Trailer

What makes this trailer standout is two things: one, we get to see the return of Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren. And, we get to see new footage of Drago's son, who will be fighting Creed in the movie. And two: there's a great use of DMX' "Who We Be" in this trailer.

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Ryan Coogler might have left the franchise to do, um, more ambitious things. But it seems like Creed's new director,Steven Caple Jr., is more than capable.

Check out the new Creed II trailer below.