The Cleveland Browns are Eyeing Condoleezza Rice as Next Head Coach

The Cleveland Browns are Eyeing Condoleezza Rice for a Job as Head-Coach

The Cleveland Browns are Eyeing Condoleezza Rice as Next Head Coach

From The White House to the gridiron?

The NFL could see its first woman as head coach sooner than we’d expected. And the surprise frontrunner for the position is no stranger to leadership.

According to a report from ESPN, The Cleveland Browns would like to interview Condoleezza Rice for an opening at head coach of the team. A lifelong Browns fan that grew up watching the team with her father in Birmingham, Alabama, Rice is passionate about the organization. The report cites sources close to the team, but falls short of any confirmation.

An interview doesn’t guarantee the gig, but it does provide Rice with an opportunity to outline her potential contributions to The Browns. Though nothing’s in ink, Rice seems flattered to have even been considered and admits that she’s “not ready to coach but I would like to call a play or two next season if the Browns need ideas!”

Should they pursue, Rice would be the first woman to interview for a head coaching job in the NFL. Recently, she served on committees for the NCAA’s College Football Playoff selection, as well as men’s basketball, where she chaired a commission that suggested significant changes, including the restructuring of NCAA relations with apparel companies and the “one and done” rule.

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