Bill Maher Catches Heat for Another Racist Remark
Bill Maher Catches Heat for Another Racist Remark
Source: Youtube

Bill Maher Catches Heat for Another Racist Remark on 'Real Time'

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The HBO host comes under fire after an interview with Congressman Will Hurd goes off the rails.

It may be time to say goodbye to Bill Maher, guys.

On the latest episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host interviews Congressman Will Hurd of Texas, the House member representing the largest stretch of shared border with Mexico. And instead of highlighting the myriad ways Hurd breaks from his conservative constituents -- on say, border control or immigration -- and allowing him to be a centrist in one of the nation's only 50/50 districts, Maher chose to grill him for identifying with the same party as the president. After all, insisting Hurd speak for the Republican party at large makes about as much sense as considering disgraced Virginia governor Ralph Northam -- recently spotted in either blackface or a KKK hood (my guess is somehow both) in a newly-surfaced page from his medical school yearbook -- some sort of poster child for Democratic values. Right? Right.

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As Hurd began to illuminate how his vision of the party and the country staunchly differed from that of its most extreme members, Maher perpetually interrupted his guest, who was detailing his work in the CIA and in local San Antonio politics. At one point, Hurd was explaining his decade as "the dude in the back alleys at four o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland," during which Maher broke in with "That’s where you’d collect it, huh? By the Popeyes chicken?" Hurd shook it off and moved on with the discussion, but it's important to note here, that Maher "accidentally" says racist shit at a rate commensurate with outward and very intentional white supremacists. Never forget that in 2017 he referred to himself as a "house n*****" in an interview with Congressman Ben Sasse. But neither Maher nor HBO have issued an apology or even comment on his latest racist outburst.

You can watch his chat with Congressman Will Hurd below. The remark appears at roughly 4:30 into the interview.