Crenshaw Artist Calls out ‘Insecure’ for Featuring Knockoff Version of Hoodie Created With Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Clothing

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Six Sev took to social media to air out his thoughts on a fake version of his hoodie being featured on the HBO series.

Issa Rae’s Insecure recently announced the series would officially be returning for a fifth season. Last night’s episode dug a bit into Issa (Rae) and Molly’s (Y’vonne Orji) looming issues. It also included Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) new life as a mother and provided a look at Andrew (Alexander Hodge) as he attempted to get Molly’s attention. 

But, there was one poignant moment in the episode that’s garnering a bit of attention on social media. Earlier today, California-based artist Six Sev called out Insecure for featuring a fake version of one of his original pieces. 

In the latest episode, Issa is seen wearing a green hoodie emblazoned with the phrase, “SUPERMALL.” Over on his Instagram, Sev wrote a lengthy post alleging the hoodie is a knockoff. “The big bros told me its a better way I’m not posting this to hurt anyone but the truth needs to [be] known these people who [knocked] me off are so happy now [because] they can sell a gang of these fake ones under the impression that ‘Issa wore it.’”

Additionally, it’s important to note that the hoodie was created in collaboration with Nipsey Hussle‘s The Marathon Clothing. The collab was also a partnership with PUMA and was aptly titled “Slauson Super Mall,” Sev previously shared an image of him with Hussle back in March 2019. The two met and after a random run-in and the artist then had a meeting with Hussle which later led to the capsule, according to The Hundreds‘ blog. 


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Tag @shionat the wardrobe person. The big bros told me its a better way im not posting this to hurt anyone but the truth needs to known these people who knocced me off are so happy now bc they can sell a gang of these fake ones under the impression that ” Issa wore it” and its real bc its on Insecure i just think you got to be more careful bc now they taking away from a real young black man who lives on Crenshaw in real life not on TV. IF THAT TAG AINT MARATHON THAT SUPERMALL HOODIE IS A KNOCCOFF. GREY BOTTOM JUST LIKE THE REAL BUILDING. IMPOSTERS COULDNT DUPLICATE DETAIL. AND ITS NOT HARD TO TAP IN YALL SHOULD KNOW WHATS REALLY GOIN ON OVER HERE TOO

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In the Instagram post, he also explained creators should be more careful as the show is “taking away” from a young, black man who lives on Crenshaw in real life. He then shares imposters can’t duplicate detail and alleges the costume department at Insecure could have “tapped in” with him rather than providing a look that includes a knockoff. To be honest, it’s a bit disappointing that this took place. 

If you’ve been watching Insecure since the very beginning back in 2016, you’re well aware that the series is known for championing emerging designers. Ayanna J. Kimani was the costume designer for the show’s first three seasons. She shopped vintage pieces for Rae’s character and also included pop culture tees that spoke to the show’s growing audience. Molly would typically wear tailored pieces by Tibi, Opening Ceremony and Asos. 

As of last season, stylist Shiona Turini has taken the reins as the costume designer. It’s not lost on us that Turini who previously has worked on behalf of Beyoncé and The Cut has a thing for chic pantsuits, designers of color, and luxury womenswear. In addition to switching up the styling for the show quite a bit, Turini has modernized Rae’s style and honestly, it’s a great thing. 

Nevertheless, we can’t help but wonder how hard it would have been to reach out to Sev if Insecure’s wardrobe department originally saw the hoodie on Instagram or on a person they know. If what Sev is alleging is true, it would have taken a simple Instagram direct message to purchase a hoodie from him (if they are still readily available). Since we’re in the business of supporting black creators and businesses, we believe this call-out was necessary and hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

A few hours after the call-out Sev tweeted that he’d finally gotten word to Rae about the knockoff hoodie. 

Less than an hour ago she posted an image on her Instagram Stories sharing that the artist was the original creator of the hoodie. Take a look at what she shared below. 

Issa Rae

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