‘Akira’ 4K Restoration Still Set for IMAX Debut in Japan Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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'Akira' 4K Restoration Still Set for IMAX Debut in Japan Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak
Source: Toho Theaters

The iconic anime film is opening in 36 theaters across Japan as COVID-19 cases keep mounting.

Amidst a global pandemic, it appears Japanese IMAX theaters are still welcoming the debut of Akira‘s 4k restoration.

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According to Hypebeast, plans to screen the revamped 1989 anime film have yet to be canceled. In fact, a tweet from Toho Theaters yesterday confirmed screenings will commence on April 3rd. Though Japan’s Coronavirus infection rate remains considerably lower than that of neighboring countries, the commitment to screening is at odds with global protocols that have restricted public gatherings and the general mobility of citizens. And considering a box set of the restoration (packaged with an unreleased mini-doc on the film’s creation,) is slated for released just weeks later (April 24th,) attendance seems hardly worth the risk.

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Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, many theaters remain closed due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions, which have sent the whole industry (and virtually every other segment of the economy) into a historic spiral. But for those looking to get their fix, maybe just wait for the set to drop?

You can pre-order your copy here ahead of the official release.

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