Kendra Foster On The Roles Obama, D'Angelo & P-Funk Played In Her Musical Journey

Kendra Foster

Kendra Foster, is somebody we could listen to all day, either singing or talking about some of her amazing collaborations. In fact, that's what we did a while back when we conducted an interview with the singer (peep it here). In case you're not up, the Tallahassee born singer is part of Parliament-Funkadelic's current line-up, not to mention her extensive work on the critically acclaimed and Grammy award winning Black Messiah with D’AngeloandThe Vanguard--all subjects she goes into depth about in a new Soul Sisters podcast episode from Billboard.

Hosted by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub, the interview touches on everything from Foster’s work writing songs for Black Messiah with D'Angelo, calling him the one person that, "encompasses everything I love about music" to her own newly released self-titled LP. And guess how Foster got her start on working with D'Angelo?

Hint: it has to do with the founder of P-Funk and his daughter Barbarella Bishop, with Foster calling D'Angelo for the first time on the eve of President Obama's historic 2008 win.

Kendra Foster even takes it back to 2003 talking about her first project and the story behind it's very, very, very long name -- Myriadmorphonicbiocorpomelodicrealityshapeshifter.

Hint: it also has to do with...yup, you guessed it, the founder of P-Funk, her mentor George Clinton.

There is some gold in the interview, including a lot of fascinating tidbits Foster relays to us about working with the genius that is George Clinton as well as the reasons as to why her first project didn't get the big push she was expecting. The songstress touches on her musical upbringing, family, and how she got where she is today. Foster also blesses listeners with a stellar live acoustic performance of her new single Promise to Stay Here. Listen below to the illuminating podcast interview, which was recorded at Chord Club in New York City.

And for those who are in NYC or nearby, you can catch Kendra Foster tomorrow night in Brooklyn at BRIC for free. RSVP here and be on the lookout for Kendra Foster's upcoming project.

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