Earl Sweatshirt Feet of Clay
Earl Sweatshirt Feet of Clay
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Stream The Deluxe Version of Earl Sweatshirt 'Feet of Clay'

Earl Sweatshirt adds two songs to his Feet of Clay project.

Earl Sweatshirt has released a deluxe version of his excellent Feet of Clay album.

The album, which was released back in November, was Earl's first project since leaving Columbia records. (Feet of Clay was released on Warner Records in partnership with Earl’s label Tan Cressida.) The project is a brisk 15 minutes long. Feet of Clay features appearances from MAVI and Mach-Hommy. And there is production from the likes of Alchemist, Ovrkast, and Earl himself.

For the deluxe. version of Feet of Clay, Earl adds two new songs: "Ghost," which features the excellent Navy Blue and “Whole Word,” which features Maxo and The Alchemist. (If you remember, "Whole World" was released before.) On that track, Earl raps:

Catacombs, after the glow, the battle carry on

Get all that malice out your soul, the efficacy strong

I finish what I start, the funeral was hella long

I fell asleep, the effigy was short

My effervescence lost, but not entirely, I shrug the venom off

And kept a tiny piece for times we in the war

The deluxe version of Feet of Clay also features new artwork, which was done by Amira Hadiya. Stream the deluxe version of Feet of Clay below.