Listen to Cardi B's Intense New Song "Press"
Listen to Cardi B's Intense New Song "Press"
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Listen to Cardi B's Intense New Song "Press"

Hashtag whip that ho ass. Fuck around, we gon' start a new challenge.

After months of teasing the record, Cardi Bhas released her aggressive new single "Press."

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The song is the first from the rapper since she dropped "Please Me" in May. On "Press," which was produced by KeY Wane and Slade Da Monsta, Cardi comes for her critics, whether it be her rivals or the media.

On the track she raps:

Ding dong

Must be that whip that I ordered

And a new crib for my daughter

You know a bad bitch gon' spoil her

Got one in New York, need one in Georgia

New Bentley truck cost a quarter

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It's not yet clear on where the song will appear. Listen to "Press" below.