Here Are All of The 2017 Grammy Nominees In One Playlist

Here Are All of The 2017 Grammy Nominees In One Playlist

by zo
February 10, 2017 6:25 PM

Here Are All of The 2017 Grammy Nominees In One Playlist

This Sunday, The 59th Annual Grammy Awards will devour your timelines (and, no doubt, some of your hope in the academy.) But lux tuxes, gaudy gowns and extravagance across the board make it easy to forget what the hell we tuned in for in the first place: the music. That in mind, scrolling down the list of nominees had this scribe head-scratching more times than I’d like to admit and, again, revealing criminal levels of rigidity in listening habits on this side of the screen. It’s fine. I’m learning. Mostly that there’s far more interest in country music than ever imagined and that there’s apparently some sort of difference between “Americana” and “American Roots” (religious angle in the latter, I think?)

So to get us all on the same page come Sunday night, we’ve put every Grammy nominated song in one playlist (except for anything off Lemonade, due to ongoing TIDAL exclusivity.) This year’s ceremony marks the first in which streaming only albums have been taken into consideration, an amendment spearheaded by independent powerhouse, Chance The Rapper, who’s nominated for seven golden gramophones in his first year of eligibility. He, along with Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna, lead the nomination count. We’ll see who lands on top. The 2017 Grammy Awards will be broadcasted live on CBS this Sunday at 5pm EST. Hit play down below to get the weekend started right and subscribe to our new Spotify channel for the truest notes, classic and contemporary.

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