Aderrien Murray and Attorney Carlos Moore.

Aderrien Murray and Attorney Carlos Moore.

Photo credit: Carlos Moore (Twitter).

Attorney Says “No Way” 11-year-old Aderrien Murray Could’ve Been Mistaken for Adult & Shot by Cop

The 11-year-old Aderrien Murry was released from the hospital Wednesday, after being shot by Indianola Police Department officer in Mississippi. Murry himself had called the police over a domestic dispute between his mother and her boyfriend.

The 11-year-old Aderrian Murry was shot in the chest by a police officer in Mississippi after calling the authorities over a domestic dispute between his mother and her boyfriend. Now, Murry’s attorney, Carlos Moore, is saying there’s “no way” that the officer should have mistaken Murry for an adult.

Murry was shot in the chest by an officer from the Indianola Police Department on Saturday morning (May 20), after the officer responded to a domestic disturbance call, per CNN. Although Murry is now recovering from home, Moore is angered by the incident which could have resulted in the boy’s death. Moore also says that there’s no justifiable reason for Murry to have been mistaken for a man “over 6 feet tall.”

“This 11-year-old child was about 4 feet 10 [inches] it looks like, and so he could not have been confused,” Moore said. “So we don’t know what happened, but we do know this officer’s actions were reckless, very reckless, and could have led to the loss of life.” The boy was seriously injured and suffered from a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and a lacerated liver. Murry was released from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson on Wednesday (May 24).

Describing Murry as “a good student,” Moore also says that Murry “did everything right” in responding to his mother’s request for help when the altercation between her and her boyfriend got heated. Murry and his mother, Nakala Murry, are now cooperating with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

“No child should ever be subjected to such violence at the hands of those who are sworn to protect and serve,” Moore said in a statement on Thursday (May 25).

He continued, “We must demand justice for this young boy and his family. We cannot allow another senseless tragedy like this to occur. We must come together as a community to demand change and accountability from our law enforcement officials.”

Since the shooting, a sit-in protest was held at Indianola City Hall on Thursday morning. A march and rally to demand the termination of the police officer along with the video footage of the shooting is planned for Saturday (May 27).