Watch Dave Chappelle Advocate For Progressive Policing in a Hometown Council Meeting

“This is a golden opportunity to prove local government reigns supreme”

Last night at a council meeting in his hometown of Yellow Springs, OH, Dave Chappelle delivered a passionate plea for progressive policing in the wake of a New Years Eve police action that left one black man battered in a small, predominantly white, town.

Chappelle, a longtime resident of Yellow Springs, cited his upbringing, explaining just how close he felt to the town and its former police chief, as the comedian attended grade school with the chief’s children, but the current roster of officers is not one that he can readily identify. Chappelle insisted the council find officers that represent the growing diversity of the town, and that they seize the opportunity to harness local government. It was from Yellow Springs that Chappelle bussed childhood friends to the Bed Stuy corner that would host the most raucous Block Party the storied Brooklyn neighborhood had ever seen. You can tell he cares for the town and its’ residents deeply.

Watch Dave Chappelle address the Yellow Springs, OH council in the video below. Two of his three upcoming Netflix stand-up specials are due on March 21st. Jump back to watch the trailer.