Yasiin Bey voluntarily undergoes force feeding according to the standard U.S. Military procedure currently in practice at Guantánamo Bay. The two-hour procedure is administered twice a day to prisoners adhering to the ongoing hunger strike at the prison, in order to keep them from starving themselves. Prisoners at Guatanamo Bay are subject to the force feeding even during the observance of Ramadan – an act that stands in direct violation of Islamic tradition and religious laws governing the observance of the fast, which is recognized as one of the five pillars of Islam. The invasive and largely grotesque process is detailed in the footage below. In the video Yasiin Bey sheds the markers of freedom to don the standard issue orange jumpsuit and share in the pain these prisoners experience on a daily basis. By putting a familiar face to an experience that is very distant to the everyday lives of most Americans, Yasiin Bey has moved to increase awareness of a very pressing human rights issue and express solidarity with those individuals detained in Cuba. Please be advised that the footage your are about to view is graphic in nature and often difficult to watch.

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  • jerome dickens

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    • Yea… its me.

      So is your spelling …

    • lowpage

      actually, your grammar is elementary. Don’t shit on others when your own shit is imperfect.

    • asdfjkl;

      this whole thread is completely pointless… I hope you all feel good about being mean to each other rather than adding something of substance…

  • Bruce Clark Jr.

    hahahaaa Yea….amazing the comment not the vid….

  • Name

    This is dumb! That is our money wasted on time and manpower for people that potentially had something to do with killing a fellow American. Fuckem. They have a choice to eat, if not.. well……..

    • ahm basement

      it is more than dumb. It’s immoral and it’s illegal. Not to mention entirely swung on the false justification of security and the perpetuation of nationalistic myths that allow for this kind of brutality resulting in a culture of fear, an empire of war.

    • asdfjkl;

      so is killing thousands of innocent people……………………………………………………………………………………. or did you forget that part?????

    • Mmmmkay

      when you say “kiling thousands of innocent people” are you referring to America’s presence in Iraq or Afghanistan?

    • asdfjkl;

      I just read the rest of your comment… “a culture of fear” “an empire of war” stop trying to be michael moore haha

  • Ziio

    I can’t imagine what its like to undergo the whole procedure twice a day. Forcing them to eat on a holiday where there supposed to fast is ridiculous too. If they choose to fast to death it should be there right, there life is the only thing they still control there now that the US government has stripped them of their humanity.

    • asdfjkl;

      they don’t have rights… they’re murderers and terrorists… and they were stripped of their humanity because they robbed thousands of innocents of their lives… which I would say were worth more than their “humanity” if they had any to start with

    • accidental vote

      Its this sort of mentality that feeds and perpetuates terrorism.

    • huMAN

      everyone has rights til death. asdfjkl it’s people like you that are the reason there is a Guantanamo-bay. The United States was built on Terrorism. I’m a black American so should our government be held accountable for 400 years of Slavery and so many more of oppression. our government kills more than anyone forcing this so called democracy on others would you say they should be stricken of their rights also. you are lost and need guidence, compassion and true education (history is there for you to see. shit the KKK is the oldfest terrorist group in the USA and has not been added to the list you have to start at home.

  • names are not important

    I’m not sure if I get the point in this??????
    I mean is this to show the pain inflected when force feeding someone, or it is to show the extent one is willing to take to stave himself and put himself through excruciating torture and turmoil maybe to not let secrets escape, or maybe it is easier to commit suicide than to pass time in uncertainty or what ever the reason?
    I’m really not sure the exact message Mos Def is trying to convey?

    • Glasscut

      It’s painful and unbearable.. if they refuse to eat.. there are other ways to remedy that.. Some jails often make the prisoner sign off.. if they refuse to eat.. Force feeding is torture.. I don’ think you know much about torture my friend..

  • Ibrahim Kafani Hassan Cisse

    This is activism we all say we can walk the walk but what about talking the talk and shedding your own honor. to show that we are all human. I commend Yasin on this one and we should remember that this is happening to people who are muslim,christian, jewish etc. Torture is torture they should honor at least some of their beliefs by letting them fast. They just want to defy all of the peoples beliefs for their own gain what a shame.

    • asdfjkl;

      this isn’t torture though… they’re keeping them alive so they can serve their sentence… they gave up their right to die the day the judge determined their sentence was life in prison… Sounds harsh, but think about it

    • Franklin

      They havent been charged with anything… They have been held 7+ years without trial and in legal limbo because they arent on american soil so they arent POWs… Regardless, no human should have to go through torture, prolonged or not, regardless of what theyve done. It would be a different reaction if we knew it to be american soldiers suffering the same fate.

    • Eli

      No judge determined anything………

  • wocen

    why not use those resources and feed the people who actually need to be feed

  • asdfjkl;

    A little bit of dramatization I’m sure… Kudos to him for doing this to spread awareness, but outside of the blatant disregard for religious periods observances, (which I most certainly do not condone) I would say that this is likely standard practice throughout all of the “high-profile” detention cases in which there is a risk of voluntary starvation… However, this all being said please also keep in mind that these practices are quite tame compared to other methods of detention and enforcement of prison policies practiced around the rest of the world, particularly for Coalition POWs in many of the countries of origin for the Guantanamo inmates

    • upeaceofshyt

      are you an agent or just fuckn stupid. You dam devil…go to hell. 90% of the Guantanamo prisoners are innocent detainees you scum.

  • Jeff

    Can we please not forget that the people being force fed are not law
    abiding muslims being plucked from their mosques and than force fed just
    to torture them. In most cases, the people being force fed are
    convicted terrorists who spread hate, violence, and intolerance while
    perverting the Quran for their own twisted beliefs. Personally, I
    would just assume let them starve. I mean from a financial, economic
    stance, these pieces of shit are incredibly expensive to house every
    year so why not just solve a reported $900,000 expense (each inmate per
    year). If the US is in such deficit, I think these guys are giving us a
    perfect solution! Let them kill themselves, no more taxpayer money to
    house them and as an added bonus, they can’t spread any more bullshit!

    Honestly, what happens when these guys get out of Guantanamo and go back to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and their other respective countries? Do they renounce their violent and hateful stance toward all non-believing muslim ways, or do they keep spreading their vile hatred from one generation to the next? I am no statistician, but I am pretty sure that the evidence points to the latter.

  • Glasscut

    I had to go through something like this when i had a duodenum ulcer.. Just the tube they shove down your chest alone.. Sucks.. That shit hurts..

    I was working like 120 hours, every two weeks.. on january 4th.. 2013.. My stomach hurt so bad it felt like someone stabbed me.. I was throwing up blood… Dark blood..

    Only a small percentage of the people in gitmo are actually charged of a crime.. Even the soldiers apprehending these guy’s don’t speak the same language.. From what my army friend explained to me is once a person is captured and questioned nobody else wants to talk..

    Same thing happens in america now.. When poor people get in trouble they’re doing time.. One would argue of you have the right to a lawyer or public council lmao.. You might as well defend yourself, when your so called council is having coffee, lunch and playing golf with the D.A.

  • Truth

    This dude has finally gone off the deep end

  • Truth

    Maybe these people should have thought about this before they declared jihad against the USA