Watch The History Of The Plugs Unfold In The 'De La Soul Is Not Dead' Doc

If the last few weeks in De La Soul happenings have revealed anything to us it’s that almost 30 years down the line, the trio is still as innovative and necessary to hip-hop at large as they were in 1989, on the heels of releasing their first classic, 3 Feet High And Rising. And while their newest effort And The Anonymous Nobody is sitting pretty atop Billboard’s Rap Albums Chart (the creation of which has been documented in their We’re Still Here (now) documentary.)

But to truly understand how and album as eclectic and collaboration-heavy as And The Anonymous Nobody came to be, it’s important to have a grasp of their career’s scope, the sacrifices (aesthetic and monetary) they’ve made, and how it fuels their genre-destroying ways. Cue: Mass Appeal’s in-depth exploration of De La’s history, De La Soul Is Not Dead. The doc, teased in a trailer just last week, takes us from their Amityville, Long Island beginnings, through the sampling clearance battles, through the break with Prince Paul, through their 1996 gamechanger Stakes Is Highand into the new day, where De La’s sound stands as the radically creative bedrock for progressive hip-hop the world over.

Watch the history of The Plugs unfold in the full De La Soul Is Not Dead documentary down below. And The Anonymous Nobody is available to purchase on iTunes today. Head over to the OKP Shop to grab your copy on wax.


  • Michael Steven Crockett

    Fantastic Video for the most relevant rap group of the last 3 decades