Erykah Badu and The Robert Glasper Experiment debut "Afro Blue" live in Texas

Erykah Badu and The Robert Glasper Experiment perform the live debut of their brilliant collaboration “Afro Blue“–arguably the best track off Glasper’s Grammy-winning Black Radio LP?–at SXSW in Badu’s home mindstate of Texas. In between bright shining moments of musical greatness–I imagine that the vision of Badu, arms outstretched and framed against the snaky branches of a bare tree and a twilight sky will be forever emblazoned on the eyeballs of those music heads lucky enough to be in attendance–Glasper sits down in the Sonos studios to dish up some musical gumbo in interview form. Watch below:


  • happytrees

    can ms badu swing by the picnic and relive this moment? we’d surely appreciate it…