As promised, the last installment of “Yasiin Duz Paris” hosted by Mr. Mass. In this episode, our hero goes in on another Oh No-produced Ethio-funk banger, intercut with an extended interlude of sexy saxophone (and Kanye West fashion show ambience. As in the other bananas clips, DJ Preservation holds it down lovely on the uns and deuxs and for extra Mr. Mass recorded his set of reggae 45s at Secret Society (after the jump), for which Pos, Kweli and the whole crew from the Black Star concert at Bataclan came through (see photos at bottom).


  • howisya

    great shots.

  • Thank You

  • rickyrose

    murderous mo— I mean Yasiin, Nameen?

  • CommonSense

    So when are we gonna get an mp3 of this entire radio appearance? Every clip has been fire, and damn I want that sunshine screwface studio version.

  • LCFR_was_here

    It is written

  • Phocion

    His new album looks to be unadulterated fire. Dude is on a mission.

  • what’s with the “careless whispers” break, tho?

  • Spazz

    Anyone else feel like the “careless whisper” break was a sample from “Sexy Sax Man ft. Sergio Flores” on youtube?