After hitting us with footage of Yasiin Bey getting raw on “N**gas in Poorest,” human camera Mr. Mass lets off another bombshell from Bey’s session at Radio Nova in Paris: a proper performance–including rewinds and soundclash ad-libs (“oh gosh / everyt’ing squash / lick aff a man eyelash / car crash…exclusive!) from Bey–of the J Dilla-produced track “Sunshine Screwface” that my colleague Shamz posted when Yasiin debuted it at SOBs here in NYC last fall. We get a much better listen in the radio studio setting, of course, and up close and personal the track is revealed to be the monster that you would expect a Dilla/Mighty Mos collaboration to be, a wicked beat answering to dangerous horns.

But before you can even digest that, there’s more! Check the freestyle on the 2009 track “Quiet Dog (Bite Hard)” below, over the ever-fresh DJ Preservation cutting up what sounds like the beginning of Can‘s “Vitamin C“–or maybe a remake or similar groove? Let the dissection begin!


  • Greg

    why doers he carry that red mic every were with him? and whats yasiin bey mean?

    • http://www.okayplayer.com/news/okp-news-mos-def-is-now-yasiin.html

      i cant answer about the mic. just for swag i think. makes sense tho, to always have a mic you’re used to/sound good on…

    • Takessa

      Most performers carry their own Mic to prevent catching colds or germs; You’re damn near kissing the Mic at some points during the performance which creates different sounds. At least for singers that’s how we roll, I’m sire its the sane for rappers. The color could just be a preference thing, hey I want a purple Mic. Lol

  • kidtruth

    Dopeness on both tracks. Can’t wait for more Yasiin Bey, hope 2012 brings us many releases.

  • Khalil

    Classic Jay Dee, the loop king!!!! Brother Yasin keep bringing that funk!!!! Peace

    • Feather Indian

      Loop King? Jay Dee was the master beat re-arranger! Dilla Dawg Forever!!!

  • CommonSense

    What’s that song on the Quiet Dog video’s beginning when he’s just talking?

  • Pooz30

    the one and only

  • sstretch

    Feeling this joint, damn BEY doing it, DILLA doing his thing.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • i don’t get the first beat.

  • Downindixie

    Damn………I forgot how dope Yasiin is. It feels good to be reminded.

  • Jericho Drumm

    That beat is so dope and Bey murked the track…as usual.

  • Dope! #realhiphop

  • Fasinjeff

    that second joint is not Can or a cover of Can…it’s 24 Carat Black song “24 Carat Black”…a classic

  • 24 Carat Black Theme!!!!!!!

  • Saurus

    I really couldnt find a Vitamin C sample in it, even tho that song is great, I’ll check out 24 carat now, never heard of those

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  • Downindixie

    Questlove reference on Bob’s Burgers tonight…..

  • http://walldo.bandcamp.com/ check out some concious hip hop