Pow. “N**gas in Poorest“–Yasiin Bey‘s epic-ly raw-dogs take on “N**gas In Paris”–gets an equally grimy and impactful visual treatment. Video clips underlining key interjections and samples (“Myers, Myers, Myers”) turn the tension up even higher–but it’s what he says that makes this song so scary good. As mentioned, this is the first track off Bey’s Top 40 Underdogs project of re-mashes. Be looking over your shoulder for it, the next on could drop at any moment.


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  • KD06


  • yep yep!

  • bux10

    Mos is back. No wait, check that. Yasiin Bey has arrived!

  • zubrainz on twitter

    WOW!!! that shits cray!!

    • Tachiro

      Ain’t it Bey?

    • Saurus


    • crawlrawl

      Fish Fillet

  • indeed

    One of the few..

  • Khalil


  • troubleman81


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  • Jahi

    This is how MC’ing is done. He brought a whole new life to this and it’s better than J and Ye. Hands down. Salute to Mr. Bey for making my musical day.

  • this video is beyond dope.

  • The SoapBox Killer

    Crazy subway dude cameo!

  • Broda Kev

    “…don’t get caught in no throne…” Yo shall fall! Yasiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Phase007

    Yasiin killed it!!! I am feeling his version of this…

  • Saurus

    Mos Def Amazing, keep going Yasiin!

    • Saurus

      ‘who the fuck is margiela’ exactly!

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  • sstretch

    Yeah this joint is crazy. YASIIN definitely did his thing on this joint.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • This is how it should be done. The days when MCs tried to get points across that actually mattered!

  • Marc G’s

    Never on schedule but always on time. Wake up KIDS!

  • “doctors say I’m the illest, I ain’t got no insurance »

  • Dr. Boogie

    This is how it should be done….

  • J-Dips

    speaking the truth! cant wait for his shit to drop


  • Amrit

    Yasiin Bey just turned a shit song into something amazing and powerful and real! Kanye and Jay-Z, eat your hearts out, Mos Def just merked you guys! Don’t get caught up in no throne!!!

  • vonduch78

    UMI said shine your light on the world……FREEESHHH!!! The force is shifting back to love because the ego driven who are in control realize this is GOD’s universe. Physical possessions and money will mean nothing very soon. LOVE.

  • David

    It was great until he negated the message of the whole thing by saying “Allah is in control” at the end. If Allah is in control, Yasiin, then it’s his will that all this shit is fucked up. C’mon, man. Religion is just another shackle.

  • This just might be the best video or rap song for 2012. I’ve been waiting for our mic holders to come around and take more of a social political stance-not that all of them have to-but, it’s great to know that there’s still some form of consciousness in Hip Hop. I give thanks for Yasiin’s remake. I’m glad he’s putting these cats on blast. This was a bold and courageous move. Even if you are not a religious person, or you don’t believe or subscribe to any organized religion, you can still connect to the fact that the government, and the powers that be, are failing the people who put their trust in them. Our communities are lacking. The resources that are provided are just not enough to fix the problems of everyday people like me. Yet Jay Z and Kanye want to talk about negroes in paris?!?! Thanks for the illusion guys, but real talk- we ain’t all living that hideous dream.

  • Money power respect

    Uhhhhhh. I like the jay z and kanye one better. This was kinda weak to me

    • shaebutter76

      Why am I not surprised, with a name like “Money power respect…”

    • Takessa

      Shaebutter76, I need a like button! Money, power, respect, please just go back and listen again infact they made it easy for you just read the lyrics. You’ll learn something I promise.

  • I know this wasnt a battle or diss attempt by yours truly…. But if there is anything that is needed to be said Bey buried everything Jay and Ye put into this… Yasiin Bey!!

  • Toon

    Lol @ shaebutter… so true…

  • jb

    The Koran is the hatefilled book I’ve ever read, close second is the Bible. If “Allah is in control”, then what the fuck is his problem? I’m sorry, Yasin is one of ,y favorite MC’s, but how are we gonna lift people from this state of affairs by telling them God, Allah, or The Tooth Fairy is looking out. All three monotheistic patriarchal religions subjigate women, make them property, as well as give advice on slavery. Let’s rise above these disgusting dark ages hatemongering books and get real. It’s 2012, not 20 A.D., people. Read those books for yourseves- they’re disgusting.

    • Takessa

      Shaebutter76, I need a like button! Money, power, respect, please just go back and listen again infact they made it easy for you just read the lyrics. You’ll learn something I promise.

    • Takessa

      Sorry my phone is doing its own thing apparently. However JB, how did you come to this conclusion?

  • tool2sage

    Dope… as usual.

  • T-Rocka

    There’s a fine line between raw and sloppy. This moves into sloppy a bit too much. Also- great messages but c’mon, his last words as promotion of Islam nearly ruined it.

  • “Allah is in control” ? Really?! Then we need a serious regime change! Look what Allah, God, Yahweh, or whatever you wanna call your magical sky daddy has done for the middle east, never mind the rest of the globe. We got permanent war in Isreal; genocide in Darfur; AIDS all over Africa; corporations and the elite run shit worldwide- wake up. Also, peep the link to see how ignorant Mos/Yasin really is on that Bill Maher clip. It’s sad that this dude is supposed to be mad intelligent when it comes to MC’s. EL-P is the only motherfucker I’ve heard on some real politic’n. straight up- The Koran, The Bible and the book they were based on, The Torah, all PROMOTE SLAVERY!

  • loprimo

    Yes!! Si!! Ta Toooo !!!

  • kennyken

    man now that’s what i call saying something that means something!

  • That’s an exeprt answer to an interesting question

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