If you tuned in to the NHL’s Winter Classic this past Monday, you may have witnessed some familiar faces performing during the second intermission. Freshly dipped in some Philadelphia Flyers gear, The Roots Crew perform their How I Got Over jam “The Fire,” live at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Unfortunately the Flyers lost the game, but this performance is all kinds of win. In case you missed it, The Roots also performed during NBC’s New Years Eve show with Carson Daly, catch that performance after the jump. And, ehem, undun is out now [digital || physical]

TRNYEWCD by YardieGoals

Props to Jose3030 & MWP



  • clay

    Where’s Knuckles?

  • geomo

    worst crowd ever, they look like theyre at a funeral not a new years party with the roots!

    • troof tella

      this wasn’t a crowd that was there to see the roots.

  • oneepat

    Riddle this, what is a house band on T.V doing dropping Album after Albums, but wont do a state wide/ world tour FOR THERE FANS OUT THERE?….@ The Roots. Its all love seeing you guys on T.V, but damn the FANS want to see you guys live and in person….SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

    • T.

      True true, the fans outta The States ain’t even watchin’ no Fallon, so pack your drums, horns a few friends and come see your fans in other places. NZ is waiting, time to turn it up some place else!

  • Juwce

    In the summer THE ROOTS PICNIC is the best thing ever!!!! It’s in Philly I’m ju fortunate to live in Philly