Kaya‘s debut EP, Imperfections, may have been the best project you never heard in 2011. So I’ll take full advantage of this chance to bring it back to the front burner. Watch this brief promo video for the T.dot singer/songwriter’s song “Don’t Give Up,” then go back and listen to Imperfections, post haste.



  • indeed

    No Homo.. I was vibin a bit.

  • Tone B.

    TO stand up! definitely a EP to vibe too on some chill ish… But we need more music! When’s the full project dropping?

  • G

    Quality sounds as usual. If you’re fiending for more music from her and are impatient , she’s all over artist, Erick Arc Elliott’s album here : http://erickarcelliott.bandcamp.com/album/almost-remembered

  • Janelle White

    I been checking for Jessica for a awhile ( since the “On Blast” track circa 2009 ) and a couple collaborations with her older sister , Eternia. She has such a beautiful voice. I cant want to get a full project from her.

  • Joel W

    Hey Jess! Voice is sounded nice on the track!! =)

  • So proud. So dope Okayplayer knows wsup.
    So all a yall need to cop imperfections:
    (For.free, I might add):

    Say u knew her before….

  • JiE

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve had the great provilege too see her perform live ion a couple of occasions. Jessica Kaya is an amazing vocalist, and everyone should have the pleasure of hearing her.

  • Mannie

    I heard this EP last year. I still listen to it. I can’t count how many times I’ve played it. Now, this video only added fueI to the flame that was already lit. I would love to hear more music from Kaya.

  • yongekings

    this is the part where I watch the rest of this artist’s videos on youtube

  • poon

    Amazing. Voice of a angel!

  • sstretch

    good music right here, she definitely has a great voice.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Versetrane

    You are definitely a true talent, Kaya, great job!

  • I Love this song!! The visuals work well with the lyrics. Great execution Kaya!

  • FFM

    Phenomenal!!! Great way to start my day is with a good song. DOPE

  • Beautiful artist, beautiful voice. More please!

  • Loved this album and the visuals for this song is so original and cuts into the true energy of the song. Sensual fluidity is Kaya’s sound.


    Every time I hear her sing, it puts me into a mini daydream. Just makes me stop what I’m doing so I can hear more. I love it!! Good job girl!!

  • love this.
    kaya’s lush, mellow, solid offering has me excited to hear more. album please!

  • Manolo TBB

    Dope x ill. Love her voice, love vibing out to her music, and usually only listen to Bboy breaks and “punch you in your face rap”!!!!!!!!!

  • I won’t give up Kaya! Thanks for the pretty sounding reminder.

  • Amanda

    Im groovin girl. Lovin’ this sound. Let us hear MORE

  • TYE

    Nice. Very nice.

  • silvia

    I have listened to this about 20 times! Its amazing and every time I wish I could hear just a little more! Your sooooo talented, your voice and lyrics bring shivers down my body:) Im so proud of you!!!! How about them lips! lol

  • Donny Jackson

    You already know how dope I think you are.

  • This is amazing.. can’t wait to hear the project.

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  • I feel like every track you drop is the best one yet! keep making em because they just keep getting better!

  • Eve

    Great EP If you haven’t gotten it yet you must!! So AMAZING!! http://kayanow.bandcamp.com

  • Amazing..:) Kaya I love this..

  • M2daJ

    Feels like a warm, slow summer evening. Gotta love a song that can make you ZONE in a crowded room in the middle of the day.