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Video: Joy Denalane "No More"

Our German-speaking readers might recognize this video from last year’s original recordings of Joy Denalane‘s fourth studio album Maureen. The footage for “No More” is remarkably similar to that on “Niemand (Was Wir Nicht Tun).” In fact, go ahead and play the can-you-tell-the-difference?-game with the first video that we’ve included after the jump. Spotting the subbing-in of the original Curtis Mayfield-sample doesn’t count.

April 2nd marked the release of Maureen‘s international version – which sees Joy do an exceptional job of translating not just her words but an entire arsenal of emotions. We have to admit we’re a bit late with this, but we were so busy posting premieres and exclusives that we didn’t get around to posting the video. We strongly encourage you to click on either of the buttons below in order to purchase Maureen.

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