The one thing that sucks about finding good videos of shows on YouTube is that it rubs it in your face that you really missed out on something if you weren’t there yourself. So yeah, this might hurt a little for the unlucky many who did not attend El-Ps record release show at Santos NYC on Monday. Producto apparently tore down the house with some help from his good friends Mr. MFN eXquire, Despot und Killer Mike. Watch and weep and then go listen to C4C and R.A.P. Music (which we just reviewed) to cheer you up. Find some more concert footage after the jump, as well as the third and final trailer for El-Ps new album, which is in stores now.

props to loopyvids


  • El-P’s set was incredible, despite audio (read: monitor) problems every time a guest came out. Santos needs to throw up a Craigslist ad to replace homeboy at the boards, AND their opening DJ, who was putting people to sleep. “Not THAT kind of head nod, fool!!!”

  • Marko-V

    El-P is a genious! Flat out. I copped that album right along with Killer Mike’s last Friday and just enjoyed the production and completeness of it all. Idk if he will read this yet I wanna say keep pushin Hip-Hop forward and stay groundbreaking because you will always have a fan in me.