Unreleased J Dilla track The Throwaway by Yancey Boys featuring Frank Nitt

Boom bang! J Dilla catalogue curator Frank Nitt makes good on his threats to drop unreleased treasures from the Yancey Media Group’s collection of “lost scrolls.” The first scroll to be unrolled is this Yancey Boys track “The Throwaway” featuring Nitt himself on the raps alongside Illa J. Kicking off with a Jafaican intro ala Dave Chappelle in Half-Baked (“right by de beeeach”) the track quickly evolves into the best kind of throwback, with a soulful filtered loop and a tempo that Scoob & Scrap could dance to. Makes sense since Nitt dates the track tot he mid-90s Labcabin era–although it apparently came off a disc (or DAT) with no date labeled on it. Stream below and buy “The Throwaway” as a single on Amazon (including instrumental!) and look out for more scrolls to be unfurled in the near future.

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  • “Throwaway” will be the B-side to the first 10-inch vinyl release from Dilla’s Lost Scrolls, coming out February 2013. If you’re feeling this, Just wait til you hear what’s on the A side!

  • greg

    This really dont sound like a j dilla beat im not feeling it and im a huge dilla fan

    • Wingewinge

      You don’t really sound like a huge dilla fan.

  • James B

    It’s true you don’t. This is the dilla sound we all fell in love with. The Pharcyde/soulquarians sound. Takes me back (not far but back far enough to when I fell in love with Jay Dee production). Illa J should really stop jumping on his brothers tracks tho… He doesn’t do them justice at all.

  • liquid swords

    wow cant wait for Lost Scrolls. Love this beat, and enjoyed Labcabincalifornia as much as Bizarre Ride. This time they better put some of the best rappers in the game on the tracks and not just Detroit dudes

  • artois

    Nice. Tightest flow I’ve heard from Illa J. They both did the Dilla beat justice.
    I haven’t really heard a post dilla album that sounds right. (The Shining was close). Let’s hope this is the one.