Bahamadia returns with “Dialed Up” – a track produced, written and recorded entirely on a handheld mobile device. The track co-produced by Bahamadia, CaliphNOW and Chill Spector proves the Philly MC is still amongst the illest to ever do it – an emphatic point made by her 1996 debut LP Kollage. At one point the track samples “So Blessed” – the recent tune from fellow Philadelphian Jill Scott – and clocks in at a little over eleven minutes, stretching out in the tradition of old school jazz recordings. Bahamadia makes it her business to pack the entire space with lyrics and address a range of topics over several beats in a piece that plays more like an EP than a single. It may be safe to assume that this is a teaser for a forthcoming project, though that has yet to be confirmed. “Dialed Up” is her first solo release since the 2006 EP Good Rap Music. Check it out below.

>>>Download “Dialed Up” Here

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  • am

    Love it!

  • DOPE!!

  • yesboy

    what application was it used here ?

  • TheOlc

    Looks like iMaschine in the photo…

  • Danielle

    Beyond LOVIN IT!!

  • Deep Thoughts

    this is dope…and definitely an album sampler…and the fact that it was done on a mobile device isn’t so relevant, her lyrical style is though…she can obviously make music on anything, time to explore more..