Tiny Hearts In Conversation With Anthony Valadez

Tiny Hearts In Conversation With Anthony Valadez


Tiny Hearts take Anthony Valadez on a walk through their brand new Stay EP and the creative process that led to the birth of the project on the Antvala Podcast. Waajeed, Tim K and Dede describe their group as an equal partnership based upon trust and originality. The music built around Jeedo’s beats and Tim’s vocal production is a collection of sounds derived from their collective desire to push themselves to a place of discomfort. Evil and chaos take thematic precedence on the project driven by Dede’s beautifully ethereal vocal and a massive amount of blood, sweat and tears; Tiny Hearts have chosen to handle all of the production, art direction, sales and promotion of the project in-house. Check the track below to listen to the full discussion with Anthony Valadez and Tiny Hearts. Purchase Tiny Hearts’ Stay EP via Dirt Tech Reck.

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