They Die By Dawn Trailer is now online

The They Die By Dawn trailer is now up! There’s 2 kinds of directors in the New Hollywood. The kind that make black cowboy epics with Jamie Foxx. And the kind that make Black Cowboy Epics with Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Giancarlo Esposito and Isaiah Washington. That 2nd, far, far doper, kind of director is represented on planet Earth by only one man however: Jeymes Samuel–the Jay Elec-producing, Idris Elba-collaborating, guerilla James Bond theme-writing founder of The Bullitts. Today we get the official trailer for his lesson on how to make a Black Cowboy Epic correctly, They Die By Dawn. And here’s betting we’re gonna have some more big news (and maybe some music?) from this perfect storm of a flick quicker than you can say “Mama’s Gun.” Watch the They Die By Dawn trailer below (and see M. K. Williams’ exclusive Okayplayer TV interview about the film and working with Erykah Badu here)


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  • NeuroX

    This looks very interesting !!! Though I wish they would have worked more on getting that folksy style talking in.. Its hard for me to stay in the period when they are essentially talking as if they are in 2012 and not the 1800s

    Putting that aside I like the cast and the story, we need more films like this with black folks !!!

    • mochaink

      I concur happens so often with these types of films… n love with fast though!

    • syd

      We were conditioned to believe that all negroes of that time had a folksy way of talking… Yeees masah, nooo masah, three bags full masah… Well all didn’t… much to the horror of those who consider themselves to be their betters.

  • Oh snap I’m so proud of my girl !!! That’s how u do it E!!

  • curtis black academy

    It is really refreshing to see our people from the human race take pride in making films about black life and or black subject matters without shame! hopefully more folks will join the army of front line soldiers and raise their voices to “write about me, and put on plays about me and sing about me and make films about . . . Yep I reckon it’ll be me myself, yep it’ll be me.” Don’t be afraid to dare . . .and take risk . . . Risk takers are the ones who change the world. carry on e. Badu and continue to let your art speak for you and your people and the human race….God knows we need a lot of truth in this world to counter the ocean of negativity. Much love, uncle curtis

  • ahm basement

    there’s folksie, but there’s also antiquated speech which might could fit better as an alternative colloquial manner of yak. flik does look dope tho, but y the subtext dis on tarantino here? looks to me like both films ride the tropes and myths (bounty hunters, revenge, whores w/ golden hearts) of the old west without hesitation- both are super westerns in a sense, and while i dig me my super westerns, i’m loving my anti-westerns even more (ie hell on wheels, deadwood, true grit). both upcoming fliks celebrate the black cowboy (even if suspended in the long-standing myths), a figure who much of (corporate?…) hollywood was loathe to include during the golden era of gunslinger shows.

  • Lamont

    Why all of the trash talk about the new Foxx film? It is loosely based on real ex-slave turned bounty hunter Bass Reeves. His life has been waiting to be told for decades. He holds one of the highest arrest records/retrievals of all time.

    Don’t bash Tarantino for doing it! Spike, John and numerous others could have done an epic film about Bass eons ago but for some reason we all got stuck in the today of urban story telling as it pertains to black people. Some how we all felt that to touch on the west we must not tell stories that link to slavery.

    But when you have and incredible true story about Bass its a shame folks want to play Monday morning Quarter Back because another white man gets to use the N word with impunity. Obama said don’t boo vote! Dare I say don’t hate create!

  • .

    the speech doesnt fit with the period drama and the hip hop music sounds wierd with it lol

  • Don’t watch movies i might be going to see this

  • K Samson

    Looks to be a good movie. I guess I am going to still be interested in seeing it despite the simple minds who are up tight because of the music and modern rhetoric that is perceived in the movie 😀

  • eazy

    Looks okay, though i have no idea whats going on in the trailer. Still, worth the price of admission just to see Bokeem Woodbine with a funny cowboy mustache.

  • g8r bootz

    wow, really “stats”? u must be out of your mind for putting down quentin tarentino when the man has arguably one of the best directors in modern mainstream film and has made classic movies that have gone onto win awards. Samuel may have talent, but his credibility is no where near Tarantino’s

  • chad

    Such a good appetizer
    Looks Heavy!!!
    Can’t wait to see this Black western.

  • Putting down one Black artist to boost up another? SMDH! You can do better than that!

  • pdx

    More black on black violence. Thats what we really need. How about working or fighting together.