Peep The Roots' 'And Then You Shot Your Cousin' Cover Art

Surprise! The Roots play the first of 2 live performances (“happenings” might be more accurate) at the Public Theatre in downtown NYC tonight, a first look or live interpretation of their new album …and then you shoot your cousin. But apparently they just decided to hit the rest of the world in the head with a sneak preview of &TYSYC, too. The whole damned thing is now streaming online, get a listen below via Pitchfork Advance:

The Roots … and then you shoot your cousin
In Stores Monday 19 May
Def Jam Recordings

01 Theme From Middle of the Night (Nina Simone song)
02 Never (feat. Patty Crash)
03 When the People Cheer (f. Modesty Lycan & Greg Porn)
04 The Devil (Mary Lou Williams song)
05 Black Rock (f. Dice Raw)
06 Understand (f. Dice Raw & Greg Porn)
07 Dies Irae (Michel Chion song)
08 The Coming (f. Mercedes Martinez)
09 The Dark (Trinity)
10 The Unraveling (f. Raheem DeVaughn)
11 Tomorrow (f. Raheem DeVaughn)

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  • Dev DallasCowboy John

    not working for me

  • Daniel Tooth

    working here in the UK looking forward to it!

  • SlimJM

    working here. ON IT!

  • Leafy

    This is better than any christmas or birthday!

  • Rafael Luz

    nothing but a good album. “Undun” still better!!

  • Streetwalkingbaby

    Solids roots album, they seem to never disappoint.

  • RealisticHater

    i love the roots and this is such an awful album. Sounds like they are trying to be the “Ween” of hip-hop now. Enough psychadelic piano and screeching white noise. god damn waited for this album for over a year and this is what we get?

    • I agree, kinda. I can’t say it’s an ‘awful’ album, because it’s very likely that my ears are biased to a more ‘vanilla’ sound. As @Ush said above, much more morose than I’m used to with The Roots (granted, I haven’t copped an album from them for a few years). More Black Thought verses could’ve definitely helped…but the mood was just too depressing for me (right now, being already depressed).

    • JD

      its not a psychedelic piano… its an organ. learn something.

    • Ben

      If you know the roots, you will understand that they are originators of sound, very innovative it’s what they do, they don’t come with the same shit because it works or will sell. They are creators who will experiment with sounds, which is what real hip hop is about. I haven’t even heard this yet, but I will go in with an open mind & will not expect a certain sound or style, & I’m sure I won’t be disappointed

  • RealisticHater

    no doubt black thought is always solid with his verses though

  • I was unable to stream the album here on okayplayer. It worked fine on the pitchfork website though.

  • Tom

    From a sonic perspective I’m digging this album. It definitely could use more Black Thought verses though, especially since he kills it on the verses he does lay down. I’d also like a longer album but I understand why they kept it short. I love how The Roots continue to evolve. They’re never repetitive and always original

  • Alex de Lacey

    average, unfortunately 🙁

  • Ush

    Just listened through it once. Creates a very interesting, morose atmosphere. Would love to go through it again to understand it more, because it feels like it has more to offer. Again, The Roots explore the artistry of hip hop.

  • Yoso

    The verdict is still out on this one…

  • Damir Dado Hamzich

    I’m getting into it, after hearing for the 3rd time

  • Lee Lacey

    Adult Hip-Hop!

  • Beefyamazeballs

    I love concept albums.. Undun was purely amazing and the same goes for Deltron 3030. I love this album because it’s different and unique. It kind of has the Sgt Peppers vibe in there a bit, with the experimental sounds, like in Revolution #9. Great job Roots.. Another great example of how to make a real hip hop gem!

  • Vinícius Paciello

    Good album, but Undun and How I Got Over sounds a lot better to me

  • Maka Nitipisanon

    A Hip Hop fan in me disappointed but a music fan in me could not be happier

    • Uncle Fester

      I Like and agree with this perception…

  • NaveSkeew


  • FreedAThousand

    so far, I’m loving the beginning…taking the journal, I’ll be back with my entry

  • James Whittemore

    I’m really loving this. Very atmospheric and deeply dissonant at times. It may not be what people have come to expect from the roots. but that’s the downfall of being too deep of a fan. You tend to miss the beauty of experimentation when you go into listening to a record with thoughts of what you’re going to hear. I’m so happy that after becoming one of the most known bands around due to their television exposure they haven’t compromised their integrity or lowered their standards. If hip hop fans don’t like this they don’t know what hip hop means, they just know what hip hop has sounded like before and don’t hear it as much. All of the eerie composition in between verses and here and there sound like mid 1940s Nat King Cole. Hip hop is rooted in the message that comes from a struggle that was at the beginning of progress around that time. ?uestlove and the rest of the roots are all musical genius for these concepts. whether it was what they intended or not it gives the mind so much room to wonder and discover parallels.

    Overall I give this record a 4.5 of 5

  • fluffernutter1

    Amazing and challenging. I could see this being done as a theatrical piece.

  • Ilya Ignatyev

    You now… I like this album, “The Dark” is the perfect track, for example. Good work, all crew. Thank you.

  • You people just can’t get on Quest’s level. It’s hilarious to watch you all criticize something that you so clearly are unable to even understand, let alone appreciate as a work of art. You bottom-feeders need Yeezus II or what?

    Just genius’ at work [Quest&Thought&Mandel].

    Some people just need 20 years to get it.

  • PPetike

    “The Dark” is my favourite . LESS IS MORE !

  • jawanza

    this is gona be a classic album… yall folks who are quick to judge needa drink a corona, chill, close your eyes and listen again… or maybe you just white and wont get it. ‘you’ll never understand’ lol

    • QuoVadimus

      The hell does race have to do with it? Whether someone is White, Black, or whatever, has nothing to do with whether or not they like this album. Gonna need you to have ALL the seats right now. Those who are “quick to judge” negatively need to listen again or “maybe you just white and won’t get it”, and won’t understand ever, however those who are “quick to judge” positively and declare it a “classic album” in the making….have it all figured out?

      It’s okay to be quick to judge, as long as it’s how YOU see it? smh. As I said, have all the seats.

    • beaverdaycare

      i’m judging you for drinking corona.

  • Tungz

    Gee. I don’t know whether The Roots have sold out, lost focus, are in a state of unnecessary redefinition, or if their new-found fame has made their heads as big as ?uestlove’s afro, but whatever it is, it is clear that they’ve strayed far from the “organics” into the realm of cookie-cutter clones to which they’ve reached the “tipping point” of “things falling apart” which finds them “rising down” to a point to where if they were to ask their core audience ‘”do you want more”‘ the honest answer would be a resounding “NO, we don’t!!!” I expect more from a band of this caliber that contains one of the Top 5 emcees ever! This album is like Lebron averaging 4 points a game. :o(

    • Pharoahs

      growth is necessary in ones art and life… stick to flipping burgers B!

  • South African Fan

    I’m in love again. Hip hop is being revived. The Roots are unique and always on point. Like I always tell my friends, The Roots need to be listened to with a degree of maturity and open mindedness.

    Great project, The Roots. Well done.

    • Talib L

      How I Got Over and Undun, you are definitely right. Especially with the former, maturity was a necessity, and with the latter it was being open minded. As for this new LP, there is nothing that can help one understand it’s intention. It’s not about this reviving hiphop. Not only is this not hip hop, it’s bad music period. As for someone who has the entire Roots discography and has seen them live over 40 times, yeah, that is saying something

  • Marc

    Wow, horribly bad/sad. My favorite group is officially “no longer coming with it.” After “How I Got Over” and “Undun” again not bad albums but are without a doubt at the bottom end of The Roots discography, my ears and emotions have gotten out of tune with the The Roots I suppose. The album is not wack, it’s just where the #$!@ y’all at? I feel as though I’ve been defending The Roots and their artistic ambitions with their collaboration albums and recent studio releases instead of championing them as the baddest (bad meaning good) hands down, no questions asked, kick ass unit.

  • yerejay .

    The songs I like on this album are: “Black Rock”, “Understand” and “Tomorrow” (at least the last minute of it)

  • Elzhi fan

    ‘black rock’ has the same sample as ‘deadly medley’ by black milk featuring elzhi n royce da 5’9, check out that track

  • Zim Babwe

    the new jim jarmusch soundtrack

  • James Winder

    LOVE track 5!!

  • Keef Cross

    Another DRAB album from the ROOTS,they must have recorded this during those Elvis Costello sessions… i really think these dudes forgot how to have fun, or make a hip hop song for that matter….Black Thought cant even get a good cadence going on these tracks. DULL, BORING, AND DEPRESSING…damn…also TOO MUCH DICE RAW AND GREG PORN, not enough Black Thought, i mean they can work with whomever they want, but they always got these dudes on multiple songs! they must be related or something..BLACK THOUGHT GO SOLO!

    • Chappy

      It’s a concept though. Am I feelin it? Nah, not like some other ones. But it’s the Roots. Up til now, I don’t know of any bad album, but it wouldn’t be bad to hear another Phrenology or Tipping Point…

      I like hearing Dice and Porn though. Dice and Porn are dope! MMJB

  • Chappy

    It’s aight but like…. why do they have THREE songs from other people? I mean, I get it but how about some Roots songs?

    • QuoVadimus

      That’s one of the major issues I have with this. Admittedly I’ve listened to it once, so I’ll give it more listens. A lot of the Roots albums require multiple listens to fully grasp it, it’s just that it just kind of has me confused, as this is not what the Roots do. Half the damn album doesn’t even have Black Thought on there, you got the intro which is a Nina Simone song that doesn’t even involve The Roots, you got these weird ass interludes, including “Dies Irae” which I have no clue what the eff that is supposed to be.

      Multiple songs with no Black Thought, as I said, some of which are not in any way shape or form Hip Hop (The Devil/The Coming/Dies Aries), and as you said three tracks by artists NOT the Roots.

      I dunno, man. As I said I’m gonna listen to it more, and I’m still buying it as I always do The Roots music, because you gotta support the real music, but this is a huge letdown as it stands.

      May just make a playlist and only put the actual songs by the Roots on there to play. Will probably be about 15-20 minutes worth. smh

  • Greg

    I’m reading a lot of “shut up and rap.” Change is painful friends. Sincerely, thank you for this album and for continuing to make music. This album brings some order to the universe.

  • Pharoahs

    one word… GAME CHANGER! If you don’t get it then, it just ain’t your time… sorry4ya

    • Chris Verhoek

      Those are two words…

    • Pharoahs

      You know what I meant Chris haha! I got excited but thanks for correcting me and being so literal lol

      I hope you too enjoyed the album

  • Kastle

    This isn’t even a Hip Hop album. More like a jazz album with a couple hip hop verses on it.

    #11 “Tomorrow” could have easily been one of my favorite tracks had they let Black Thought do a verse on it. And didn’t ruin the end of the song by just starting to slam piano keys all over the place.

    The Roots are by far my favorite group of all time. I love everything they do. EXCEPT THIS ALBUM! I’m sooooo disappointed. Half of the songs are just random noises 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Michael

    Amazing album. Thank you Roots Crew!

    Reality Check:
    If you’re complaining about the album, a free stream and pre release mind you that they’ve been nice enough to share with us, then you’re an asshole, plain and simple.

  • cL Swinga

    This reminds me of the cookout where someone besides your favorite Aunt made the potato salad and you don’t find out till you put it in your mouth. You scream out who made this and thought it tasted good!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!

    • afroartmami

      I love the visual you provided, just started listening so I can’t judge just yet…I’ve had that thing happen to me before, my Mama made the best potato salad..lol

  • KLeigh88

    Great record!! Thanks for taking a risk and doing what you want to do. Most everyone will catch up eventually!!

  • Red

    Every new Roots record is my new favorite Roots record. My musical sophistication seems to grow along with their adamant musical experimentation

  • Jaydee

    I get it and after the first listen I was left with the wtf face but I understand change is inevitable just wish I had some more thought though. Tomorrow definitely needed Thought on it. Maybe this is a trick like when I got the Things Fall Apart sampler and several of the songs didn’t make the album. Overall I dig the genius but I’m not feeling 3 Rootsless tracks…when is the next album coming????

  • Raphaël Jankowski

    Not my Favorite album but it’s Smooth & Jazzy and Different 🙂 What Did you Expecttt ?!

  • Brent Blayone

    This is definitely one of the more interesting albums I’ve heard this year. I think it gets off to a wonderful start up until track 6: Understand. The mood was an odd mix of satire, and sincere sadness; after this point however I can’t say I loved the rest of it, excluding “The Dark (Trinity)”. Never was fantastic in my opinion, as it set a dark, mysterious and yet still engaging mood, and When The People Cheer was also great, featuring the two best verses on the album. These two tracks were undoubtedly the highlights of the whole album for me.
    Tomorrow was an interesting way to end the album, as a sincere and almost sugary sweet optimism, however the song was too musically simple and flowery to really do anything for me (I did like the breakdown near the end). Overall, in terms of production and just the general sound of the album, I really enjoyed the majority of it, an odd mix of smooth, almost jazzy instrumentation and dissonant sounds and ideas. Conceptually however, I think this album kind of falls flat in comparison to the wonderful mood piece that was Undun. After about 10 full listens I still can’t piece together any form of narrative or even a clear thematic progression. I also have to agree that not having more Black Thought verses was a waste of his talent, as when he is on here, his verses are the best part of the album.

    My favourite tracks on the album are : Never (Best beat on the album, very atmospheric, fantastic thought verse, truly odd and haunting hook), When The People Cheer (again fantastic beat and thought verse), The Dark (Dice Raw and PORN actually outshone BT on this IMO, I love the dusty, heavy drum loop and minimalist, dark pianos), Understand (Catchy and clever hook, another brilliant Thought verse)

    Least favourite : Black Rock (The sample is too familiar and Dice’s verse is too corny/not funny enough to justify it’s simplicity), Tomorrow (conceptually I dig it, just musically bores me senseless.) The Coming (didn’t like the melodramatic piano melody or the vocals, however the breakdown is awesome),

    Overall, I am feeling quite mixed about this album, it might grow into one of my favourite in their catalogue, or my least favourite; we’ll have to see. However, due to the general density of the music and the concepts on this short album, I have no doubt that I’ll be replaying it non stop trying to dive further into it. Undun was a masterpiece for me, and I would give it a 9.5 / 10; this album so far ranks at about a 7.5 for me and that could change with my further understanding of the project (assuming it truly is a “concept” album).


  • Kiriona

    woah – a dialectic between black thought and negative space?

  • MJ

    I got a fever.. and I think the only cure is.. More Black Thought…. enjoyed the album tho respect

  • maynamour

    Track 6- ‘Understand’ is the TRUTH! And loving ‘Tomorrow’- that one is pure.

  • puertonico

    after the third listen I’m starting to feel it. But still think Black Milk (Deadly Medley) sampled Black Rock much better

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    Nah, no thank you. Wasn’t feeling this.

  • Talib L

    I love The Roots and I appreciate them dropping new material every year. With that said, I wish they would have shelved this. It’s just not up to The Legendary standards. Outside of Thought’s verses, the album sounds like throw away tracks from the past couple years. It’s just a really disappointing effort. There are many problems with this, but to start off, as far as Quest goes, sounds like he put a lot more into the Costello album. Secondly, I really don’t care if it’s a concept album. Dice Raw and Porn are average. Really makes we long for the days of Malik B to compliment Thought. Thought is in my top 5 of all time MC’s, and I believe Questo is selling Tariq short. Enough of this pretentious sh$t. If you guys don’t really have anything to contribute right now, give it a couple years, and then come back with something that makes us ruminate, digest, and embrace. How I Got Over was what Quest thought mature hip hop and hiphop by guys now in their 40’s should sound like. This crap sounds like something they could have done in their sleep. I expect more from my favorite group. I still love you all, but this album is bad. I listened to it 4 times now, and it didn’t get better. as for a dope album that is dark and makes you think pick up Pharoah’s PTSD.

    • Talib L

      I will still hit up the roots picnic again, but wow, this album is so bad……I have loved every single thing they have ever put out, back to ’94. I hope the next album is a return to what we have come to expect, and perhaps Black Thought does need to drop a solo joint. Questo seems to be too busy to really produce a good album right now. BT, go solo, you deserve it

  • Victoria

    Not bad. Not spectacular. Just… mellow.