Talib Kweli and Ryan Leslie video "Outstanding"

Sadly, we have a few more months to wait ’til Talib Kweli releases his latest LP, Prisoner of Conscious (February, at last word). While we wait, Kweli takes it back to his Attack The Block mixtape for his latest video, “Outstanding” featuring Ryan Leslie (Boi 1nda on the beat). And yeah, I think that would be a great word to describe the leading lady in this vid. Video directed by Ryan Leslie.


  • nice new vibe for kweli! beautiful violins there, fun video.

  • Yea, she is gorgeous

  • they look dumb not trying to fall into the water.

  • I used to love him 2

    What is this?! Kweli doing videos poolside at a mansion with big breasted girls in bikinis?! Dude fell off.

  • Nico

    do love that Gainsbourg reference. Kweli, whatchu doin dude?

  • no no no


  • Imma Say it..

    Kweli goes in as always.. But Ryan Leslie is just straight corny!

  • toine

    Kweli just looking awkward in this video. He shouldn’t be making videos like these anymore, he doesn’t need that.

  • Fort Nox

    hot track, Kweli rippin as usual and Leslie did his thing. Nice Jam!

  • Promeneur

    This sounds good, they both look akward in that video though

  • MagicMaker

    I hate video’s take away from the song look at this lame opening the door for this chic, get the f out of here real men don’t open doors for no one but them self 🙂