T.I. x Andre 3000 - "Sorry"
First of all: “Sorry” (for not posting this earlier). Who should I be sorry to? Andre 3000, for overlooking his brilliant doubletime verse for an extra 9 hours or so? T.I. because I am embarrased that he got bodied on his own lead single? Not that there’s any real flows to be found in his titanium flow on this joint. But 3stacks doesn’t even get out of bed these days unless he can embarrass a heavy hitter on their own shit. Sorry.


  • ThatGuy

    Anybody know if that’s Stacy Barth singing on the hook of this?

  • Jericho Drumm

    They just refuse to…listen…when will you average emcees learn; stop doing features with Andre 3000. He’s too advanced and he MURDERS the track, every-SINGLE-time!!!


    • 614grind

      T.I. is far from average…but it don’t matter. Everyone, including Big Boi, gets bodied when Stacks goes in.

  • RodC

    Yeah…3000 totally rips this joint! He don’t even come out for no BS these days.

  • JO

    Andre is the truth! He consistently elevates his game!

  • YCBS

    I agree with those three cats above. Three Stacks is on some other ish. I rarely get wowed by many rappers, but he’s the exception…A lot of mc’s need to sit it on down or step their game up

  • D.Owens=3

    Man I really hope we get blessed with a 3000 or Outkast album and a D’angelo album this coming year. I appreciate features but how many niggas tracks are you going to murder!!!!!

  • imhotep1

    Andre is the Greatest to emerge from the South and he consistently proves so verse after verse after verse…. Rappers can not avoiding bodying themselves inviting 3000 on a track… Sorry indeed T.I, and R.I.P for an attempt to shed light on your own track… Fitting name for a song that 3000 would share with another artist….

  • souljourner06

    the scary thing is that he seems to be bored with rap…my damn!

  • ma

    I love Andre and TI. But TI is the one who is brilliant here. He got a legend on his lead single track when everyone keeps going to Wayne like he somebody. TI knows how good stacks is he isn’t worried about that he just wants to be able to say Andre got out of the bed to feature on my track. TI needed this to help him get back in the game. I will always be a fan of both of them.

    • 614grind

      Exactly. The only other two people I’ve heard him with recently was Beyonce and Jeezy feat. Stacks and Jay Z.

  • wil

    I love 3 Stacks as much as the next listener- but quit acting like TI drowned on this track. TI said 3000 hit him up out of the blue- the track wasn’t planned. I’m sure if the track was planned- TI would’ve jumped ALL the way in. Both MC’s did their thing and the production is dope: mission accomplished.

    • 614grind

      Right. Tip said Dre took the track and transformed it so he just saluted and didn’t rewrite his own verse. BTW, Tip ripped his two verses anyway.

  • g8r bootz

    fo’ real tho stop giving Andre all the credit on this joint, 3 stacks always lays it down clean, but it ain’t like he took over this track, a couple of solid bars f’sure, but T.I. had a good two minutes of wordplay before 3000 even came in on the track. dope track anyways.

  • gregory kruxx.

    You guys are sleeping on Tip. I listened to this on the intention of hearing 3 Stacks kill it and honestly I rewinded T.I.’s verses 2xs before even listening to Andre. Andre killed it but so did Tip. They were pretty equal on here if you ask me..

  • Three Stacks delivers on a feature verse yet again

  • Loveland

    Both are Badasses here!